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Hi my name is


I'm a Catholic singer, speaker, dancer, rapper, and retreat leader. I'm 25, and since NCYC 2011, when I performed in NCYC’S top Talent at the age of 15, I've felt called to minister to youth in the Church, bringing them the enthusiasm that I have for the faith! When I served the Diocese of Knoxville TN, Deacon Al Forsythe said:  

Fusion really got the group going with his music and the teens really got into it. He would make a colossal impact on the teens at any youth event.

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I've toured the dioceses of Albany, Chicago, Gary, Orlando, Davenport, Wilmington, Lexington; I've sung at NCCYM, and most NCYCs; given retreats with 200-300 teens, and sung in over 50 different US cities. Plus two German tours, that expanded my ministry.

Fusion was fantastic.

Loved the short videos!

Loved his talks! 
Mike Lundberg, DRE Chicago

Speaking or performing at schools is another blessing!

Fusion was AMAZING!

The students all want him to come back to LOYOLA!     Marcos G. VillalbaLoyola College Prep. Shreveport LA

I'd ask if you have a need for a young person to speak to those slightly younger in your parish, diocese, school or conference, and ignite their enthusiasm for their faith?

It would be the greatest of honors to speak to your teens, or even your children. Fr. Jose Munoz in Orlando wrote:

It's truly amazing to hear someone so young boldly preaching the gospel. He involves everyone and gets them excited for Jesus. He's a team player and does not need to be center of attention.

I hope to see you soon!     


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